Go2xpert | Tips on How to Write an Outstanding CV or Resume
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Tips on How to Write an Outstanding CV or Resume


Tips on How to Write an Outstanding CV or Resume

Employers make split-second decisions on whether or not they should contact you based on the first time they view your resume.  It is crucial to creating an attractive, honest and bold CV to make sure to make a great first impression. Here are a few tips on how you can strengthen your CV game.


The first 10 seconds count


Experts say that recruiters only spend a minimum of 10 seconds looking at your resume. So it is imperative to build a concise, structured and specific resume while emphasizing on resume keywords that are bound to grab the attention of the recruiter.  Use of resume analysis tool such as Jobscan is a practical tip.


Link your resume to your internet presence


Social media inclusion along with tagging your LinkedIn profiles is becoming an increasingly important part of your job search. Adding links to the websites of your previous employers can help hiring managers get familiar with you.



Choose your prospective employer carefully


Research on potential employers, their mission, activities and background and then accordingly tailor your application to impress them as a viable and able candidate.


Mention your essential qualifications in the cover letter


The cover letter should be as specific as possible while emphasizing the desired job skills and interest and how have you demonstrated these skills. You should give a brief description as to why you make a good fit for the desired company.


Provide a summary


A career summary should be brief and precise while describing the skills and experiences accordingly relevant to the position for which you wish to apply in the firm.


Do your homework


One important fact to be noted is, length doesn’t make your resume better instead relevance does. It is crucial to research about the position, duties, reviews of present and past employees while figuring out whether the job fits you or not.





Focus on the future, not the past


Your resume should highlight and show potential employers what you can achieve in the future. The resume should not be a mere summary of past accomplishments but instead of what and how you can use them to help the company achieve its targets.


Be straightforward


One of the best resume tips out there is, to be honest about yourself and skills instead of glamorizing inconvenient truths. Being honest would catch the attention of the recruiter as they look for honest employees.



Ask family and friends for advice


Seek and accept constructive criticism along with useful tips and suggestions when sharing your resume with your dear ones.


Make your online presence professional and consistent


Career experts recommend keeping or posting an updated resume online in platforms such as LinkedIn where prospective employers can stumble upon and give feedback.


Don’t allow mistakes


There is the utmost importance of having and sustaining an error-free resume when presented to the employer.


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